Yahoo answers maniac!


So many many years ago I discovered Yahoo answers (Y!A for short). At first I thought it was somewhere to ask other people things you didn’t know and get back answers…

Well it kind of is that.. but it’s so much more!

I always go to the subcategory «Polls & Surveys» of the «Entertainment and Music» category. It’s just a fun place to be. You see and of course answer, silly, funny, odd questions. And you can post your own.

If you answer you get +2 points. If you ask you get -5. The point is to answer as many questions as possible, collect lots of points and get up levels. There are only 7 levels. And as you get to a higher level you get more «privileges» e.g. you can answer and ask more questions.

There was a time that I only thought in questions. One memorable night I woke up to drink some water, thought a great question and ran to scribble it on a piece of paper to remember it the next day! I was Y!A mad!

I got to like certain users answers and added them to my contacts. I was stalked once by another user and blocked him. I laugh my heart out at answers people give. And what makes Y!A so great is that you get answers from all over the world. Mostly of course from the U.S.A. but there are lots of people from other countries and continents there as well.

If you ever go there search for a certain smelly cat and you’ll find me 😉


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